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Make sure that your wishes are honored when you pass away. It's never too late to plan ahead, especially when it comes to estate planning. When you're planning your estate, look no further than Patricia L. McAvoy, Attorney at Law. Call us now for a FREE 30-minute initial consultation.

  • Who will need my assets most when I’m gone?

  • What bills will be left unpaid, and who will inherit the responsibility?

  • Do I really want to put my family through probate court?

  • Are there any charities that could really use my assets?

  • How can I ensure that my family won’t lose most of their inheritance to taxes?

Ask yourself these important questions

Money has divided and destroyed more families than anyone dares

to admit. Prevent unnecessary family problems with our services. We'll take care of all your legal needs professionally. Contact us today to speak with Patricia L. McAvoy of Lansing, MI.

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Let us create an estate plan tailored to suit your needs.

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  • Powers of attorney

  • End-of-life directives

  • Conservatorship

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  • Adoption

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