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Attorney Patricia L. McAvoy

When you pass on, you’ll want your assets to go to the heirs of your choice, not a judge’s. Instead of creating a divide in your family, plan early and often as to what will happen to your legacy.

You are never too young to plan ahead.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Who will need my assets most when I’m gone?
  • What bills will be left unpaid, and who will inherit the responsibility for them?
  • Do I really want to put my family through probate court?
  • Are there any charities that could really use my assets?
  • How can I ensure my family won’t lose most of their inheritance to taxes?

Probate court threatens to divide your family
The difficult question of money has destroyed more families than one cares to admit. Instead of creating an irreparable divide, speak with Patricia today and prevent problems from developing among the family you love.

The responsibility for protecting your family is yours. Call 517-484-5192 today for a FREE 30 minute initial consultation.

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